Find your sound


You've got a sound, a style, a song.  As Bob Ross always said, "All you a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind."  The Hilson Studio is the place to put it all together into one package.  

Whether it's a gritty acoustic & vocal recording free from hum and hiss you might get in a bedroom, a full rock arrangement with big real drums and electric guitars, or a synth based pop sound with stacked harmonies, it can all be done here.  

We've got the right gear to get a ton of different sounds, and you may even find some new ones as you work up a single, EP, or full length record.  In addition to the facility itself, we have relationships with other musicians  if you need to bring in some outside players, for a live string ensemble, vocal harmonies, or those metal blast beats your drummer always struggles with.  We won't tell anyone.  We're very discreet.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Sean on three projects now. The first time I walked in with a few ideas and some lyrics and left with an entire album that I was extremely proud of. With Sean, you get it all- a quality producer, a talented musician, and an easy to work with business partner.
— Jeremy Simms

Rock/Worship, Birmingham AL

Sean’s experience in the studio and expertise with production make the entire recording process both easy and enjoyable for the artist. Whether I just need vocals recorded or want a fully produced track, The Hilson Studio is a no-brainer choice to get the quality product I am looking for.
— Alxxa

Pop/Electro, Nashville TN

Listen to some samples of full production projects
tracked and mixed here at the studio.