Photo by Elle Jaye

Photo by Elle Jaye

Sean Power

Owner/Head Engineer/Musician

Sean moved from New York to Nashville in 2007 to be a touring guitar player.  He studied audio recording and business management and got his bachelor's degree from Five Towns College.... 

Let's lose the objective third person narration and cut to it.  It's me, Sean.  I love music, I've always loved making it and what it can make people feel.  Recording was just another way to get ideas out, and technology (for all it's great and terrible effects) has made the impossible possible.  I play on most of the projects we do here, but I'm also happy to be an engineer or a fly on the wall.  

I love analog gear.  I love virtual instruments.  I love hitting a snare drum, but I also love making a kick drum sound like no kick drum you've ever heard in real life.  I'm always down to mix genres, from purist real drums and out of tune single coil guitars, to overdone autotune and 576 vocal layers.

I'm glad to have done as much as I have, and I'm excited about having this space to continue to do more, hopefully better, and with more new friends.  I built this studio from the ground up with a hand from a few good buddies, and we're all damn proud to have this space to show for it.  Let's get back to work.


Christian Lavelle

Assistant Engineer/Musician

Christian and Sean went to the same audio college but were there at different times.  Since moving to Nashville in 2015, he has been working at The Hilson Studio as an assistant engineer.  With a background in rock but influences from a wide array of genres, Christian's ear for melody and guitar parts makes him more than just an engineer.

The world of music is changing, but you couldn't be in better hands than those of a well rounded musician who understands how to capture sound AND song.  He's not afraid to tell you when your guitar is out of tune, but you'll be glad for that bit of New York honesty.  It goes a long way.