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Songwriter Demos

You are the front lines.  Every day, you relive every breakup, flat tire, dear loss, and wild victory, capturing the human experience in lyric and melody.  But you need to get those ideas represented so those unimaginative suits can see through your iPhone worktape to the heart of the song you've written.

Enter The Hilson Studio.  We can take your rough mock-up recording and turn it into a full production demo, ready to be pitched to artists, labels, and publishers.  It can be as simple as a guitar + vocal, an electronic loop over some keys, or the sound of a full band performing your song as you wrote it. 

Most songs can be turned around in just a few days.

The Hilson Studio gets things done faster and better than any other place I’ve worked at in Nashville. They always takes my song to a place I didn’t know it could even go.
— Steve Lester

Nashville singer/songwriter

When I play songs for people that Sean [owner/engineer] has recorded, they ALWAYS get pointed out for being great quality and everything the song needed to be.
— Katie Austin

Nashville singer/songwriter

Check out a few samples of songwriter demos, including before & afters.


Full Demos

Before & Afters

Acoustic Demos