Capture your performance


You're the working (wo)man.  You've got the chops, and people want to get your wicked skills on their tracks, but studio time is EXPENSIVE.  All that load in, set up, dialing in tones for hours and paying for an engineer to sit there and tell you to do another take... he doesn't care, he's hourly.

Come to us.  We have great sounding drums, almost always set up and ready to be recorded; guitars set up professionally; amps with actual tubes in them; acoustic guitars that have all 6 strings intact.  All that, plus a diverse selection of pro-level mics and pres and compressors, selected specifically for what they do with drums and instruments.

Book 2 hours if that's all you need.  You can come in and knock out your work, and pass the savings on to your clients.  Record your guitars direct at home, get them just right, then come in and re-amp them using great gear and digital conversion for killer guitar sounds.

Check out some of the sounds captured here at the studio.

(all instrumentation tracked and mixed in our studio)